Frequently Asked Questions


Is your beef USDA certified?



What is the ratio of your ground beef?



Is your beef “grass fed”?

Our beef is grass fed and grain finished for approximately 100 days.  We do accept pre-orders for 100% grass fed products.


Is your beef antibiotic free?

Yes, except for the occasional treatment of a specific illness.  We do not have our cattle on an antibiotic regimen.


Is your beef hormone free?



Is your beef “organic”?  

Our farm has not yet gone through the process with the FDA to be certified “organic”, therefore we cannot explicitly make that claim.  We do believe that our beef would qualify.


Is your beef “all natural”?

Yes, our cattle qualify as “all natural”.  


Is your beef “non-GMO”?

Our cattle are not “Genetically Modified Organisms”, so in that regard yes.  However, the corn we feed our cattle has been modified to resist drought and blight, just as over 95% of the corn grown and fed to American livestock has been modified.  If you prefer pre-ordering “grass-fed”, that product would meet the literal definition of “non-GMO”.


Are your cattle fed any animal bi-products?



Do you offer wholesale pricing for restaurant use?

Yes.  Please email us with your specific needs and we are happy to work with you to make Rapidan Beef a staple on your menu!


Are you available in stores or restaurants?

We are currently available at Maybelle’s Market in Greene County, VA and The Market at Wintergreen in Nelson County, VA.  Other stores are in the process of coming online in the next few months.  We are also on the Menu at several great Central Virginia restaurants, including South and Central (Charlottesville), Blue Ridge Cafe and Jack's Shop Kitchen (Ruckersville).  Do you know a great business we should consider partnering with?  Let us know!



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