Delivery Info

Our cattle are harvested and processed at Seven Hills Food Co in Lynchburg, Virginia.  The beef is USDA inspected and dry aged for 15 days.  The beef is cut to our exact specifications, and with advance ordering we are happy to work with customers to ensure custom cutting and specific requests are fulfilled.

We receive our beef fresh from Seven Hills and immediately deep freeze the product to -10 degrees F, unless the customer requests fresh delivery.

Please reach out for information on individual cuts or bulk purchase opportunities.  We also take reservations of whole and half cow orders, and grass-fed orders.  These orders are usually fulfilled within 45-60 days. 

Large orders over $500 are available for delivery anywhere in Central Virginia using our freezer trailer.  Smaller orders are available for prepaid pickup at Maybelle's Market in Dyke, Va, or Maybelle's on Main in Stanardsville, Va.

Due to the high costs of frozen product shipping, that option is not available at this time.

                      A perfectly grilled Rapidan Beef filet mignon