About The Farm

Our Story…

Rapidan Valley Farm is located in both Greene and Madison Counties in Central Virginia.   On our 1600 acres of pasture and crop land we raise corn, soybeans and over 250 head of Angus Beef cattle.

Through nearly 40 years of seeking out top quality bulls and keeping only the very best of our own raised heifers, we have a herd that has genetic quality to rival any operation in America.

Our animals live their entire life on our acreage, pasture raised until the prime age of 24-30 months.  Then, we “grain-finish” them for 100 days, giving the beef the perfect texture and flavor.*  The grain we use is also grown right here on our farm, so the entire life and diet of our cattle are locally sourced.

Our cattle are 100% hormone free, and antibiotic free unless a specific illness needs treatment. They are never confined to a commercial feed lot.  Our approach is “farm-to-table” in its purest form, and you can taste the quality.

*Grass-fed beef products are also by pre-order only.



About The Farmers

Rapidan Valley Farm has been owned by the Sansom family since 1984.

It encompasses over 1600 acres across two counties, with the primary property being at the confluence of the Rapidan and Conway River valleys.   Todd has grown up farming the land since he was a young boy, and now he handles the business operations.  He is certified as a Master Cattleman, having completed training by the Virginia Cooperative Extension Agency in coordination with Virginia Tech.  Email Todd directly at rapidanbeefcompany@gmail.com.

David Teel has been a full-time farm manager for the Sansoms for over 20 years.  He and his family reside on the farm.  David is a VQA Certified Cattleman.  David plants and harvests over 200 acres of corn and soybeans at Rapidan, in addition to his cattleman duties.  David’s wife Michelle also works on the farm, overseeing the medical care and health needs of the herd.

For both families, farming is a lifelong passion, and we truly care for our cattle.  Would you like to see Rapidan for yourself?  Click the link here for our AirBnB and spend some time walking among the cattle and enjoying the incredible views!